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1,500 Unassuming blobs under pressure from the Meteor - threatening their population. Come take shelter!

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1,500 Goobies are at risk from the meteor. They are a self deflationary species, which will see weekly threat from the Meteor Shower Utility sweeping and burning the supply.

Well over 50 different traits combining to make each Goobie unique.

Tokenomics Highlights

Initial 'Meteor' hit, Sweeping the marketplaces from 0.44 Sol and above.

Weekly 'Meteor Showers', Sweeping from 10% Above floor price and up.

Breeding + Upgrades using $GOOB

Total Supply : 1500 | Mint Price : 0.22SOL

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Meet the Team!


  • Digital Marketing Guru, with over 6 years experience in the field, and a Degree in Computer Science
  • Crypto Gaming Enthusiast
  • Avid SOL NFT collector and HODLer
  • Likes Tea too much


  • Ethereum Dev, migrating over to SOL for Goobies and beyond
  • Computing degree with 5 years professional experience
  • Invested in multiple top ETH NFT projects
  • Also likes tea too much


  • Full time Ellen Degenerate
  • Former BAYC & current MAYC Holder
  • League of Legends nerd
  • Jpeg enjoyer


  • Ape at heart
  • 8764 NFT years old
  • Will buy your jpegs for internet beans
  • Gives good advice but doesn’t take his own


  • Film maker and Photographer with a Degree in TV and Film.
  • Started off in Ethereum NFTs but transferred to Solana.
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • Loves cats


  • Certified Network Engineer & Admin
  • Property Developer
  • Talk to me about cars

The Meteor Shower!

Fragments from the meteor will rain down onto the Goobies planet once a week at random and with no warning.

25% of royalties earnt that week will be used to fund the meteor showers, which will sweep the secondary marketplaces. Sweeping will start at 10% above the floor price and head upwards until all funds are used.

The balance of the Meteor Shower Fund will be listed and updated within the Discord.

Post Mint

We will begin to install holder verification through our Discord that will grant access to holder only channels. Such as holder only chat and alpha channel.

We will also look to launch our GoobDAO and Goobie Vault. The Goobie Vault will begin to be loaded with liquidity in the form of NFT’s. An initial amount of SOL will be used by the team to start the vault and value will continue to be added using royalties.

The GoobDAO will be used as a place for holders to vote and have their say in the progression of the project. Liquidity from the Goobie Vault will be used to fund the decisions the GoobDAO votes on.

Lore expansion will take place and be woven into every possible facet of the project.


Launch Twitter & Discord

  • Social channels go live
  • *Completed 8/11/21*


  • Launch whitelisting slots
  • *Completed 9/11/21*

Launch Website

  • *Completed 4/12/21*


  • Goobies are released into the wild alongside rarity platforms.

Meteor Burn

  • Start burning from 0.44SOL

Meteor Showers Begin

  • Goobie burning mechanism starts to promote deflationary price action

Launch Goob DAO

  • Community decides on leadership team to guide the Goobies to triumph

Future Utilities

  • More to be revealed after Mint!